Delicious Cape Cod Chicken Salad Recipe (Let’s Cook It)

Do you like a chicken salad with the sandwich, then look no further than Cape Cod Chicken Salad dish. This is a delicious chicken salad recipe that most people like due to its flavoral taste.

If you have not any idea about its recipe than don’t worry because here I will provide you the complete cape code chicken salad recipe and also guide how to make this dish. 

What is Cape Cod Chicken Salad?

Cape Cod chicken salad is a type of chicken salad that is made with cooked chicken, mayonnaise, celery, cranberries, and walnuts. It is a popular dish in the Northeastern United States, especially on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

History of Cape Cod Chicken Salad?

The Cape Cod Chicken Salad is thought to have originated in the early 1900s on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The region is known for its fresh seafood and farm-fresh produce, so it is no surprise that a chicken salad dish would become popular there.

One theory about the origins of the Cape Cod Chicken Salad is that it was created by a local innkeeper who was looking for a way to use up leftover chicken. The innkeeper would mix the chicken with mayonnaise, celery, and a few other ingredients, and serve it on sandwiches or on a bed of lettuce. The salad quickly became popular with guests at the inn, and it soon became a staple of Cape Cod cuisine.

Complete Cape Cod chicken salad recipe:

Now we are going to discuss the complete recipe of Cape Cod chicken salad along with the cooking instructions.

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Ingredients for Cape Cod Chicken Salad Recipe:

  • Chopped cooked chicken (4 cups)
  • Diced celery ribs (3)
  • Sweetened dried cranberries (1 cup)
  • Chopped pecans, toasted (1/2 cup)
  • Mayo (1 1/2 cups)
  • Orange-blossom honey (1/3 cup)
  • Salt (1/4 teaspoon)
  • Pepper (1/4 teaspoon)

Instructions how to cook Cape Cod Chicken Salad Dish:

  • Take a large mixing bowl and add cooked chopped chicken in it.
  • Now add toasted pecans, dried cranberries and diced celery in this mixing bowl.
  • Take another small bowl and mix together the orange-blossom honey and mayonnaise in it to create a dressing.
  • On chicken mixture, pour this dressing on it and season with pepper and salt.
  • Congratulations, your dish is ready. Now you can serve it with your family and friends.

Note: It is not necessary to prepare dressing in another bowl, you can simply through orange-blossom and mayonnaise into a large bowl and mix together. The effect remain same either you prepare it another bowl or in same bowl.

Nutrition In Cape Cod chicken salad recipe:

  • Calories:368
  • Total Fat: 30g
  •     Saturated fat: 5g
  •     Trans fat: 0g
  •     Unsaturated fat: 23g
  • Cholesterol: 54 mg
  • Sodium: 260 mg
  • Carbohydrates: 14g
  • Fiber: 1g
  • Sugar: 12g
  • Protein: 12g

Conclusion About Cape Cod chicken salad recipe:

So here I give you the complete recipe for Cape Cod chicken salad and also give you the step-by-step guide how to make this at home. You can also add different flavors for chicken according to your taste.

FAQs about Cape Cod chicken salad recipe:

Q: What type of chicken should I use?

A: You can use any type of cooked chicken for this recipe, such as rotisserie chicken, grilled chicken, or baked chicken.

Q: What type of mayonnaise should I use?

A: You can use any type of mayonnaise that you like. However, for a healthier version of this recipe, you can use Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise.

Q: Can I use other ingredients in my Cape Cod chicken salad?

A: Yes, you can add other ingredients to your Cape Cod chicken salad, such as chopped apples, grapes, or dried apricots. You can also add chopped onions or herbs, such as parsley or dill.

Q: What should I serve my Cape Cod chicken salad with?

A: Cape Cod chicken salad can be served on a croissant, bagel, or sandwich bread. It can also be served as a dip with crackers or vegetables.

Q: How long can I store Cape Cod chicken salad in the refrigerator?

A: Cape Cod chicken salad can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Q: Can I freeze Cape Cod chicken salad?

A: Yes, Cape Cod chicken salad can be frozen for up to 2 months. However, it is important to note that the mayonnaise may separate when the salad is thawed.


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